They have three kids together. He tries to do what they have done 1000 times before.
He was drunking and couldn't to get it up, so she gets mad at him. She starts beating him up, and he chokes her to get her off him.
He is disabled so she can eaily over power him. She walks out, and goes to her boy friends house who is a CO.
He wakes up to the police dragging him out of bed.
He now is doing life in prison because she said he raped her.
She let herself in his house without his permission, with a key the police force him to give to her.
Judge Murphy for refused to protect him.
Murphy plays god and distorys the lives of families everyday, and believes he is the good person.
Maybe judges should have to spend the same amount of time in prison as everyone they put away
that is inosent.  
I have seen the most evil hateful people are the ones who enjoy causing pain to the people locked up
and can't fight back. Mostly on the wrong side of the bars.
The day after she had him arrested she emptied his house of thousands of dollars in belongings.
The police said it was ok because he wouldn't need them anymore.
Before any of this happened he asked for help. She dumped him, and moved out to be with someone else.
She then had the police force him to give her a key even after he said he was afraid of her.
She had assaulted him many times, and he has scares from her.
He told her she wasn't welcome in his house, yet the police force him to let her in. Then Judge Murphy's way of protect him
from her, was to put him in prison for the rest of his life.
Murphy said his friend of 28 years Karen Smith felt he was guilty, and he had no reason
to question that. So because the judges friend didn't like Gene he wasn't allow to bring in any facts.
When they sent him to prison he said "If I never see her again I am still better off" 
The judge knew he had a brain injury from an assault case that the judge was part of.
Yet he let the DA say and do what she wanted, even after he said he didn't understand what she was asking him.
She totally fabricated facts to convict him, and the judge let her.
We had a private investigator find facts that the judge said could be used because they didn't fit
the case the way he wanted it to go. So if the law really says what the judge said is true. Everyone should run from NY
The law says a judge can play god over your life even when they are wrong.
So the next higher court will let me know if they all are as unable to see facts as Murphy was.
Heather had a few 8 balls in her purse that the cops choose to over look.
So if you ever have  a woman who hates you enough to want you dead.
She will go any where, and do anything she has to just to make sure you suffer.
It was his house in his name. She let her self in without his permisson. She moved out a couple years before to be with someone else.
This law could keep an man from ever dating a woman. 
In NY state if she said you did it, then you did it,
Even if you have proof that you didn't.
You can't bring any facts into prove your inocent.

Larry did not run when he saw the police pulled up, he had plenty of time to before they noticed them.

 She had no idea who she was even with at the time she was so delusional.. 

She said Bob was trying to kill her.


Gene came into his home. He was drunk, and finds his x girl friend in bed. He was to drunk to get an erection, but tried to statisfy her with his hand. So his penis never had any contact with her vigina which is requirred to be rape.  
He then is dragged out of bed later by the police and put in prison for life. When the DA and judge don't follow the laws they pretend to stand for we are all screwed in Niagara county.

The following day the girls messaged each other to say they don't even know each other, yet talk about the last time they all got together. How they had help from the police to get him. They said R. Cox would help. 


Larry Saunders II

 | Published 

Heather admitted she had a grudge against Larry because she said he had broken her brothers ankle when they were teens. She told her boyfreind she was helping her friend Liz get her kids in a custody battle. When Gene asked her about her letting Mike Simborn OD in her van she freeked out.

If the police had protected him after he was first assaulted in June of 2015, none of this would have happened.

I've recorded and edited video for movies, and soundtracks. The evidence was all edited, and photoshopped to look and sound the way the DA wanted to tell her story.  The jury saw only photoshopped evidence.

On facebook the two girls talked about having him killed once they got him put in jail. Yet the judge didn't let any of that into his trial.  

They said they talked to Karen Smith about how to make sure he went to jail. She had coached them on what they needed to say.

Dave Ship was with Gene that night but refused to testify that she let herself in. He said he works for Liz to often to screw that up.

  So even after she coached the girls on how to set him up, Murphy either is that stupid, or he doesn't care about anyone having a fair trail. I also have over a 100 facebook pages where the girls are messaging about how they want him dead, and will set him up. He is a very simple minded man who thinks he is still a little kid. So he still doesn't even know why he is in jail.  So Murphy let knew people were lying, but as long as it put him in jail he was ok with it.. I think the scum is the law in Niagara county.  When they solve a child custody battle with life in prison, who is the evil one. Plus heather has put at least one of her boybriends in jail already for rape to solve her child custody battle.

Knowing Liz's kids  know most of what happened. I am putting together a file with all of the evidence to turn over to Gene's children once they are 18. If they hate her guts after reading, she took away thier father because she is so full of hate. So good luck Nick she will get you next.


A North Tonawanda woman who police said has had her driver's license revoked four times was charged with driving while intoxicated in the City of Tonawanda Thursday morning after she nearly struck a police vehicle.

Heather R. Kelly, 38, of Oliver Street, also was charged with resisting arrest for allegedly kicking police officers while being taken into custody, City of Tonawanda police said.

Kelly was pulled over at about 4:45 a.m. near Gibson Street and Prospect Avenue after she came close to hitting Police Officer Thomas Harmon's vehicle as she turned from Prospect, police said.

Kelly, who had a prior DWI conviction in 2013, was charged with felony DWI, first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, driving without an ignition interlock device, second-degree harassment and two counts of failure to yield, police said.


 This is what Heather did to one of Larry Gene's friends
She also owned the van his friend Mike Simborn die in
, but she didn't know he was dead.


The prison doctor said he isn't even physically able to have raped them  His spine is fused together with rods, and cage. So the judge not letting his medical records in shows he had no intention of giving him a defence.




Charges the judge made disappear so Heather could help put Larry away. Plus other charges that accured against her during the trial.

 Facebook convesation between girls.